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Waterproofing is a must. Does your concrete property get wet and moist after a flood, heavy rain, or storm? Time to protect your property with our expert water proofing solutions.

Waterproof your Property, Now!

Waterproofing is the key to longer lasting concrete. No matter how beautiful your property is, water from natural or man-made sources will always seep through dents, joints, and cracks in your concrete.

Don’t delay. Rainy season is coming. Protect your property right away. We have the right solutions that fit your property, style, location, and budget.

Best Waterproofing Service in the Philippines

DARiV’s contractors and skilled workers are well-trained to handle ALL types of concrete waterproofing requests from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We are authorized dealers of these world-class waterproofing brands. Our  combined strategy, technology, and products will keep water from damaging your property for the long-term.


Admixture Waterproofing Method​

When used in integral waterproofing systems, these chemicals are mixed with concrete to form microcrystals that keep water from penetrating the tiny pores, capillaries, and cracks of concrete.


Crystalline Slurry Waterproofing​

Crystalline waterproofing uses active ingredients to block the capillary system of the concrete. Our LEED-certified product is used in either positive or negative side of the water pressure.


Cold Applied Waterproofing

To protect the environment, we use cold applied waterproofing. This is a cost-effective way to protect both new or old concrete roofs. Easy to apply. Effective protection against water and humidity.

Why is Waterproofing Important?

Many property owners in the Philippines ignore water proofing as an additional cost to their construction, renovation, or maintenance projects. Here are reasons why this is a key feature in your property?


Waterproofing protects your basement and walls when your surroundings get flooded. this preserves the health and integrity of your structure.


Keep yourself free from stress caused by leaks and drips during rains or storm. Our service will keep your inner walls and ceilings dry.


Mold and mildew grow fast on concrete moistened by water. Waterproofing keeps these health hazards from infesting your property.


Repairing concrete damaged by water is expensive. Waterproofing can save you money by protecting your property for 10 to 15 years.


It is stressful to see water drips, leaks, and mold damage your walls and concrete spaces. Waterproofing your property will keep you healthy.


Waterproofing makes your property more valuable in the market. Because it does not have structural damage, you can offer it for a higher rate.


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